Which power bank is best for iPhone?

power bank is best for iPhone

Surely, everyone has come across a situation when the phone or smartphone is completely discharged, and you need to make a very important call or wait for a message. If there is an outlet nearby, then it is good, but if there is no access to electricity, then the situation becomes truly critical. However, there is a way out of it – to use an external battery.

Largely, this is about the same lithium-ion battery as in a tablet or smartphone, only it differs in a larger capacity. A significant selection of such products has appeared in digital stores in the past few years. Devices differ greatly from each other in terms of various characteristics, cost, and so on. In general, it is very easy to get lost in the existing variety.

We decided to help you to the best of our ability in solving this issue and tell you how to choose an external battery and which power bank is good for iPhone. In addition, we have researched a significant number of different external batteries, compared their characteristics, prices, customer and expert reviews, and thus have compiled our own rating of top power banks for iPhone.

How to choose an external battery and what power bank is best for iPhone?

The main parameter of this device is energy intensity. With this quality, everything is extremely simple: the larger the capacity, the more energy the device can store. On sale, you can find portable chargers, the capacity of which ranges from several hundred to several tens of thousands of milliampere-hours. Often, portable batteries are not equipped with lithium-ion, but lithium-polymer batteries. The latter are considered to be of higher quality, have a long service life, and are able to charge the connected device much faster.

In addition, the current strength also affects the charge rate. Which power bank is best for iPhone? It is simple: the higher the amperage of the gadget, the sooner the iPhone battery will charge and, accordingly, the better the battery itself. It is better to choose products with a current strength of at least 1 A, but the best option is 3-5 A. It is necessary to take into account such a feature of the device as its self-discharge. For example, external batteries with a full charge are discharged by about 2-3% per week. This will have to be taken into account if the product will not be used for a long time.

It is desirable that the device has several connectors at once – this will allow you to connect several devices at the same time. This option will be very useful, for example, during hiking trips. Often, the external battery itself is recharged through solar panels – this is very convenient, since it allows you to use the device even where there is no electricity at all.

Rating of top power banks for iPhone

When we wondered which power bank is good for iPhone, we decided to choose devices to be included in our rating based on value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried to include not the most expensive devices in the review so that each of our readers could choose the most optimal products for themselves.



Products of this brand are deservedly popular with many owners of mobile gadgets. Compared to models from other manufacturers, this device is characterized by an increased level of strength and versatility. There is a significant number of various connectors that allow you to connect several mobile gadgets at once. The body is made of thick-walled aluminum sheet, thanks to which this device is able to withstand significant physical exertion, including strong shocks, falls from great heights, and so on.

The dimensions are not too large, so this battery can still be carried in your pocket. The battery capacity is quite decent, so it will be enough to recharge various devices multiple times. A large set of conductors is supplied with the device. On the case, you can find a slot for microSD memory cards, which allows you to use the battery as a card reader, there is also a built-in flashlight.

– Very durable body; – Large battery capacity; – Many different conductors; – LED indication of the remaining charge; – Socket for a memory card; – Powerful flashlight.  – Multiple protruding flashlight button.  

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000

Despite the fact that the electronic component of this device does not allow fast charging of several devices at the same time, we have in front of us a very high-quality and durable product, which, moreover, has a rather compact overall dimensions. However, it should be borne in mind that literally, when the second load is connected, absolutely on all output connectors of this battery, the voltage will decrease to the quite usual 5 V. Against this background, this model looks quite universal, because it is equipped with independent control circuits for Type A and Type C ports which line up on different controllers.

The device contains a pair of lithium-polymer batteries, each with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. They are combined into a common system using a special microchip that provides integration and voltage equalization.

– The maximum output power of the device is 45 W; – Ideal for charging low-current devices; – The battery itself charges very quickly.  – The fast charging function does not work when two or more devices are connected to the battery; – At the time of the start of sales, the hardware filling was somewhat damp.  

Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09

Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09

It is not for nothing that the manufacturer calls this device an autonomous power supply system in an advertising brochure. The battery can be charged in one of three ways. The fastest is considered to be the traditional one – using a network adapter, the device is connected to a household power supply, a little slower the device will charge through the USB port when connected to a personal computer or laptop. There are also high efficiency solar panels. They are made from monocrystalline silicon, so the battery will charge pretty quickly.

An important distinctive quality of this device is that it is capable of delivering the maximum output current. If the majority of similar devices are equipped with single-amp ports, then such a battery can also charge consumers who need more energy.

– The maximum value of the output current is 2 A; – The most common adapters are included; – The solar panel is manufactured based on monocrystalline modules.  The body is made of flimsy plastic.


 We hope that our review was helpful to you and now you know what power bank is best for iPhone. However, if for some reason you disagree with us, and think that some other model deserves a place in the rating, write us your thoughts.